Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"


the hoverbikes ARE HOVERBIKES! not huge tank/cars. in the game you can see it's small and you can see the rider when you press on the unit. but it's a good movie. plus(i think someone said this back in #3) the terren bc yatamo(hope i spell it right) is a long beam not a fireball. see the short movie after you beat the terren level in starcraft.


Good story line I'm glad somebody is working on a gaming legend. Keep up the good work!

Sick Mate

That was sick "why do you have 2 guns anyway" "cos it looks cool" simple but effective houmer and the best animation i want to see more animation like that. the fact that you could do things like see the story briefing already impressive. The violence was really good to I'm not one of those people who get a kick out of gore but i don't mind it, other than that what a great flash

"Aw no, you killed my music gun!"

"Thats not all I'll break if you don't get this thing working again."

You are a very talented flash maker


good music good action good humor good storyline goodish picture good voices actors its all good plese make more dude