Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

vulture are not ok

vulture are used by only 1 guy generaly its not a transport ship with an interior you should go look an image of a vulture because its more like a flying bike.

great job

to the guy before me,(joeboudreau) u must be blind n deaf, or haven't seen past episodes.
firstly, why dont u stop being a smartass. try making the sounds URSELF and see how it turns out. eh?? this guy doesnt have blizzard's budget! and it'll probably be worse anyway. the music came from the marine's music gun anyway.

secondly, if protoss don't know english, how the hell do u suppose ur mission objectives r given to u when u play the game?

thirdly, ur a fucking moron for not noticing that his friends DID say that that was NOT one shot, and he fired four times in a SINGLE trigger-squeeze.

fourth, when ur in a vehicle and its careening wildy around, u fucking HOLD ON. AND if u CARED to notice, the background was DIFFERENT. AND u can't prove that the vehicle wasnt falling forward for that duration of time. think about the author's efforts, idiot.

Lastly, lots of people care about starcraft. they're called gamers, and they have lots of lives...we don't need to get one. now for a nice big FUCK YOU. :)

P.S: if u didnt care about starcraft, how did u know about the protoss? stupid.

LogFish responds:

I'm sure he was kidding but thanks for that rant hehe - i think his 'why would they speak english' gave it away!

It was pretty good

I mean, the movie was well-made, and the story was pretty good.

It's just certain nagging geek things that irritate me...

Like how the Protoss are supposed to be about 10 feet tall, not human-sized, or how easily the zerglings were killed (1 handgun shot? They're supposed to be able to take getting hit by several large spikes moving faster than the speed of sound, aka the Terran marine's standard rifle.) And how underpowered the Yamato Cannons seemed...

But meh, aside from such nitpicks, it was pretty good.

what no blood!!!

that was a great movie 1 thing tho WHY ISNT THERE ANY BLOOD!!!! well its still a great movie and i would like to see more peace out


awsom u guys fixed the loop nice