Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

Keeps getting Better...

Once again, I'm really impressed with this series. This is DEFINETLY becoming one of the biggest series on Newgrounds. Each episode gets better and better. I especially love how you are improving on the Flash graphics (most notably their faces) in each episode) Keep up the good work!
(I'll say it again, I actually LIKE the voice acting, the accents give it a good touch :D )

LogFish responds:

Thank you so much - I'm actually getting a kick out of seeing the whinging about the accents decrease with each episode as people get over it. I knew people would! My voice acting is getting better too, that probably plays a part heh. I hope you like ep5 too, it should be kick botty.

Come One, come all, StarCraft fans rejoice!

Graphics 9/10
Very nicely done. Smooth animations and very good effects.

Style 10/10
10'd this one because not many people have done a StarCraft series

Sound 10/10
Classic sounds with voice overs.. love it

Violence 10/10
Shooting stuff, things blowing up.

Interactivity 3/10

Humor 6/10
A very much more serious movie.

Overall 9/10
This is one of the only StarCraft series on Newgrounds thats still running strong. Infact, if I remember correctly its the ONLY one. Please, continue this series. There are so many StarCraft fans out there that love your work! Nice job!

StarCraft Excellence

I love starcraft, therefore i shall love this. Having sex with a watermelon. Sounds Great.

LogFish responds:

Haven't tried it myself, but apparently it's all the rage in britain!

A pretty good film

While some people are complaining about its relationship with the original game, i say pooy. I think you effort and time was well spent. I really appreciated how everything was done. Just becuase the creatures & ships aren't what they were in the original game doesn't mean they couldn't be in the Starcraft universe. I mean, the graphics in the original game were good for their time, but how can you honeslty tell the auther that his Vulture is not right...
Any who, i liked it and hope you make more.

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot :) yes people that bitch about that kind of thing have so little imagination it's pathetic and I read the reviews and feel bad for the human race... I replied with a big speil to who you're meaning, heh. God! Clearly you're willing to see i'm developing units to be more 'useable' if the SC world actually existed, rather than portraying game-balancing stuff in flash. Glad you liked it thanks for reminding me not everyone is a fucking moron, hehe.


I've been waiting quite some time for this. I'm really following this series, the 3D effects are great and the dialouge and story flows on really swell. Well, i'm off to watch part 2/2 now.

Good job!