Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"


That was awesome, You sure know how to put together a great storyline, and i commen you for that. Your animation is awesome, and the only thing that i can see wrong with this is the sound. Its good that you already know this and that you are working to improve.

can't wait till the next episode


This movie is pretty good

this movie is pretty good it is up there with th good ones


niceley done
i liked the grafics of the creatures

it's awesome.

You need, better voice acting. they all sound the same... but it's really badass otherwise..

Starcraft theme is a bit rough.

You lost the starcraft theme man. And I should know, I bought it the first day it came out.

-Zerg: The zerg are a biological race that steals the DNA of other creatures and mutates them. Your zerg look like metal robots with blunt claws. Completely off man, completeley.

-Protoss: Actually not a bad job. They communicate telepathically but thier eyes glow orange when they talk.

-Terran: Heres where it gets flakey. The Terran have american accents. And like normal people they all have different voices. all the characters in this movie are done by the same guy from what I heard. And vultures dont have a space for passengers on the back. They are smaller and actually more like a motorbike. And ghosts dont look like the splinter cell guy.

-Storyline: The giant zerg dinosaur is ridiculous. It strays this so far away from what Starcraft it it becomes a "Starcraft themed" flash movie.

-Overall: The compostion overall of the movie was well done. But my biggest issue with it was how you drew the zerg. They should be like insects with brown leathery skin and disgusting features growin off their bodies. It was ok, but not Starcraft man.

LogFish responds:

Reading your review was quite upsetting and I'm only replying because you put some time into it.

1.i only have swift3d i can't make really biological looking models actually move with it that's as good as i can be bothered doing
3. 'the terran have american accents.'.. these ones dont. get your head out of your arse. yes i did all the voices because i'm slack, but i dont see why everyone has to be american, when there's clearly british and russian accents in the game. vultures - well, use your imagination. I'm sure there's more vehicles than the 5 in the game, it's a bigger version of a vulture. ghosts do look like the splinter cell guy, blizzard developed them, go check out some pics from SC: Ghost, which is the uniform I modelled Jones off.
4.No shit its a starcraft themed flash movie, did you watch the rest of them? It's actually a series and the zantaboan is an additional thing, god.
5. if you want starcraft, go play starcraft.

sorry this is pissey but after reading so many reviews that're just so head up arse stupid I'm feeling like cutting tihs 'hope you like the next one' polite thing for a bit and say, stupid. So there, I said it. May I ignore the rest, heh.