Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

this Series ROOCKS!

Oh and to the freak (jobeuwhoeverthehellheis) Protoss are TELEPATHS. Watch me capitalise the word TELEPATHS! are you retarded? obviously not so act like it Fucker, you already made enemies out of so many people, just leave NG.........

Anyway back on subject great flash! love the voices and just the way you animate it. keep up the GREAT work!


Don't listen to that arse

It doesn't matter if you use sounds from the game. Also, the music was quite good and I liked the story.

Dude (joeboudreau) if you knew the dude didn't speak english, that must mean you played the game and that gives you no right to say "who the fuck cares about starcraft". Would you rather he spoke in Alien or whatever it was.

And you try and make it perfect.

Nice, can't wait for the second one.

great job

to the guy before me,(joeboudreau) u must be blind n deaf, or haven't seen past episodes.
firstly, why dont u stop being a smartass. try making the sounds URSELF and see how it turns out. eh?? this guy doesnt have blizzard's budget! and it'll probably be worse anyway. the music came from the marine's music gun anyway.

secondly, if protoss don't know english, how the hell do u suppose ur mission objectives r given to u when u play the game?

thirdly, ur a fucking moron for not noticing that his friends DID say that that was NOT one shot, and he fired four times in a SINGLE trigger-squeeze.

fourth, when ur in a vehicle and its careening wildy around, u fucking HOLD ON. AND if u CARED to notice, the background was DIFFERENT. AND u can't prove that the vehicle wasnt falling forward for that duration of time. think about the author's efforts, idiot.

Lastly, lots of people care about starcraft. they're called gamers, and they have lots of lives...we don't need to get one. now for a nice big FUCK YOU. :)

P.S: if u didnt care about starcraft, how did u know about the protoss? stupid.

LogFish responds:

I'm sure he was kidding but thanks for that rant hehe - i think his 'why would they speak english' gave it away!

Pretty Interesting

Dispite the lack of continuity between this spoof and StarCraft itself, it was well put together. The reused animations weren't that great, but it helped teh pieces fit. I get it.

I appriciate your creativity on this.
I loved the animation effects, simply eye candy.
Voice-actings okay.
I hate flash voice acting in general, but yours was somewhat passable.
Characters could be less cartoonish.

Oh just one thing that bothered me, did your (sorry forgot the name) red T-rex jump out of the way or was that an explosion?

LogFish responds:

It kinda did a retarded jump - that didn't come out too well, but it doesn't really matter whether it jumped or got blown over there I guess! Same effect, heh.
Glad you liked, and didn't mind the voiceacting!

2 things to say...

To the jackass who hated this and has no humer: Ok, listen up douch; This movie was good to have sounds from the actual game because...oh lets see, maybe because it is a movie from the actual game, and it would be better that way? And the point of the gun scene, that was a joke...maybe you should grow a little more hair on your balls and come back dickweed. This movie was good, and not all movies, that are professional have music at every point. It had music at every action sequence. And do you know how long it takes to even make a flash like this? A very long time, I will tell you that. It took at least a month or two to make this.

To the Author: Good job on this move, I enjoyed it. One thing I think it could have used was maybe another joke, but otherwise it was an exalent movie that I would recomend to others. Please, hurry on the next one! ^-^ Thanks!