Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

a good mix of parody comedy and action

well done my friend

Snap, this kicks ass!

Suspense, action, and an animation style that few can match. This movie has it all, and I'm VERY impressed. The Vulture also looks way cool, too.

P.S. I guess I was too busy watching to notice I'd reviewed these backwards. Oh well.

LogFish responds:

Hehe, as long as you weren't watching them backwards! Thanks for the reviews :)

perfect! awsome! outstanding!!!

this is really great!!!! very well done and a very VERY good storyline!!!! everything was great!! BUT you made a small mistake: the zergligs' claws are not at the back! there are their hands. an d you forgot the hydralisk's spines...but this flash was great!!!! all hail logfish!!!

"Why do you use two guns anyway?"

"... cause it looks cool." hahaha, this line had me crackin' up.

I tried hard not to give these a perfect score, i did.

I know i'll get critisized for saying this but even though it's basically the opening, i really liked this episode.

As for accuracy, this is something that came out of your head, based on the Starcraft theme, so i won't knock ya if you change around perhaps some of the vehicles and such. Good job.

LogFish responds:

Thanks ! I'm glad you couldn't not give me a 10, hehe.

Too lazy to actually rate, so all 10s for you.

I regret keeping up with this series. It had been a while and I had just forgotten to check back for the continuations. I really like the story (as always) but, maybe this is just me, the graphics seem to have gotten smoother and 'better' looking. I like it! I was disappointed that they were going to mind control the 'big thing' instead of just nuking it. Nukes are more fun.

LogFish responds:

I guess they could've nuked it, but then I couldn't use it later because it'd be dead heh. Glad you noticed the graphical improvement, I try to fix little things and get a bit better each time - I can't watch the first episodes now they're so crappy compared to the later ones!