Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

wuh, wuh, woooow

best game. ever.

Ok game, could be better

This game was good, but the character moved way too slow for it to be practical. The 'No' ending's boss had a ridiculously big health bar, I couldn't get through it. Also, when I fought the boss, the cursor kept freezing, making it very difficult to avoid the yellow things.

Good But...

What happened? I did all the guy said then i ran into him and it was over. Please explain.


Bad ass concept!

I too was a little confused by the ending.

You could lock onto the demon's chest... but then I ran into the er... crystaly thing and then the credits played.

Anyways, awesome game... never seen anything like it on one of these sites.

Awsome game

I really enjoyed this game it was just awsome. You did a fantastic job on this game and I will diffently be looking forward to any new content you publish. Keep up the fantastic work and don't become one of the idiots on here who enjoy the most retarded things ever.