Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

Obviously influenced by Shadow of clossuss.

Presentation is strongly lacking, too many questions not enough answers.


The ending.Afete You kill that red dude.Its a happy but sad ending.Cool.I Love The Nimian Series.

Easy come Easy go

Well, i like the animation and art on the horse....but is it possbile that your using the same type of game engine such as Shadow of the Colosius? Anyway its repetative to me. Average.

Just didnt cut it...

Other then then the graphics..... this game lacked in many ways... Gameplay was just not intresting at all... not very many sounds except horse gallups.... just wasnt a fun game.

You can do better man...

graphics were beautiful, but that's just about all this game has going for it
There were reused models and music form Nimian Flyer
Please for the love of god either make smaller maps or a faster character
Scenery was very repetitive
You basically nailed the "find item A and bring it to location B" gameplay, so very boring
The plot was terrible, and incredibly predictable. I didn't even feel like playing the game again to choose the different ending
There are so many gameplay holes that have been adressed already
I'm sorry, but this game was quite dull...