Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

very interesting game

I've got to say that that was one of the most interesting and creative games I've played. It's a little boring in some areas (i.e. the long rides) but overall it's a good game with a great story.


I think it was a decent game but not the best. the rides were so long i almost went to sleep. it had a good storyline though.

good story

this one didnt have much when it came to gameplay but it had a nice feel to it and a good story along with it.

i liked it

better than perfect

best game it also has a good moral, but yah 5/5 amasing.

What at Game!!!

This was the best flash graphics I've been seen, men may be don't got humor, but the graphics deserve a 20!!!
But it really hurts that is not longer, and gonna be much much much funny with more caracters, but with a this gonna be a SUPER GAME.