Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

could be betta........

it was gd but the game was 2 short even if u complete it both ways. but it was gd with the fact that u could hit trees ova or slice them


you should rewiew the movement

its ok

i though it was ok but the dude moved to slow the osuned whas off and dam it bouring

Massive cool.

Sure, it's similar to SotC, but who the hell cares? This is an awesome achievment for something on Newgrounds.

Only thing that irked me a tad was how big the map was compared to how slow the character was. Otherwise, awesome!

Simply Awesome

Womgz, Sick. That was a masterpiece.

But can i ask, is the storyline kinda based on a game called "Shadow of the Collosus"? Cuz i found some parts to be like that.

Eg. the horse back part, and the going to far place of the map to get things. anyway, it was an excellent game.