Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"


Nice game. It's very original. I don't know if I beat it though. I just ran into that demon at the end and the credits started to play.

absolutely friggin beautiful!

WOW. just WOW.
I have never seen anything like it for a free flash game!!
This is what I call quality!
you have made my day pretty much. such a beautiful experience. and so unexpected.
Thank you so very much :)


Pretty good graphics first of all. Really suprised to see something this different. The only drawback was the gameplay and storyline. It was pretty cool at the beginning, but than it lost its edge after roping the first two bugs. Started to get boring. But other than that its an okay game.


Great animation dude...

Cheers :)

interesting twist

good work with the originality, also with the horse animation, not bad at all for a non professional creation. It did get boring for a minute with the roaming, but it worked out fine. Again good work.