Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

I liked it, but...

I didn't quite know what to think of this. Although it seemed to have better graphics and camera worked much better, it still didn't feel like an improvement from the Nimian Flyer Legends.
It didn't have the same feel of adventure and Hunter was over way too soon. It only took few minutes to play it through, other than Legends that took quite a time to beat.
Now if you could take the best parts of both of these games and join them in one, I bet that would be something amazing and unique.

I hope we'll see something like that someday.



didnt like the sprite animation on the demon guy, too much time spent just waiting to get to the animal thing you had to capture, i didnt like the camera angle either, too low to the ground

Too easy

The game was great but i found it way too easy.


Seriouly I dont think I am exagerating, that was the best game ever on flashed that I have experienced. It reminded me so much of Shadow of the Colossus. If you havent played that game anyone then you dont know the feeling I had this both of the games. Freedom.

Awsome looking foward to try more of your creations.

this game sweet

i like this game for once i love this violence game i love this game