Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"


YOU ARE A GOD OF THE ACTION SCRIPT!!!!! Im a noob but when I learn action script I may have to beat it outta you how you did that...Amazing....All I can say! WOW WOW WOW thats so cool. I didnt even flash could do that. *GHASP*


this one is great i'm stunned, this is perfect

well to be honest

i did really love this it brought me back to the days of epona and link it was really badass but with every piesce og bread comes the crust...
i hope these help you!
1.)it was pretty repetitive just run out rope n bring back he only new upgrade was the silver flyer i think its called a good way to stop this would be to make faster horses maybe sum enemies and defenetly sum weopons

2.)no story! it deffinetly has style but i dont know how that world got that way wat time period it is i didnt even kno the guys name! maybe you have sum other movies that explain this but if dont please make 1!

3.)more options needs more options then just rope and retrive maybe sum missions or sumthin like that

im sorry if i came off too harsh believe me i really love this game the options of wether to let the world live or die was bitchen its like choose your adventure but i need sumthin more then a rope in a horse tho but dont worry u still got a 5/5 try a remake and ull get a 10


but damn is this game a beaut! Great graphics!

I love it

I loved it, graphics were great, and the game play was good as well, I loved the final fight, as well, keep it up!