Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

... best... game... ever...

graphics: come on. its 3d. that alone is an achievement for ANY game on newgrounds. Also, the plant work is a hell of a lot better then some of the other stuff ive seen. (i mean, ive seen green circles with brown lines, and those were called "trees")

style: most original thing ive seen, its own storyline.. touching plot.

sounds: only problem i noticed was the sounds of the hooves was a bit off of when the horse actually was touching the ground.

violence: not much, other then the fact you are dragging unwilling creatures to the demon to be eaten :/

interactivity: you have control of almost everything. you cant get more interactive then that.

humor: the only thing someone would find funny MIGHT be the eating part. and even then, only someone who needs a lobotomy.

more work like this is needed on newgrounds, to be honest. Come out with more things like this.

as the previous reviewer said, it is things like this that are worthy enough to be placed into things such as PSPs and DSs and whatever else you can think of.

hell, make them good enough, id love to see some creator take the idea and stick it on an x-box :P

sorry for the long post. better things are worthy of more words, though.

Awesome Game

This is a Awesome game, I'm amazed, only there was one bug, if u press spacebar everything did freaky

Just shows how much web games are improving today.

I just like to say that this is the best looking internet I have ever

seen I mean your using real 3d graphics engine instead of

cartoony ones and this is something that can turn into a nintendo

ds and sony psp game because not only did the character, demon,

horse, and animal models look great but the environment such as

clouds, grass, plants, and trees look fantastic. I had fun with this

game although u could add more variety, but other then that good

job and hope you make another one real soon. Lets just hope that

from now on, every internet that comes to newground becomes

using 3D graphics for all the games.

Quite enjoyable

Ahhh...I dunno why I enjoyed this game so much...so I guess I'm not the best qualified to be writing a review...regardless, great effort!


Really made me think of Shadow of the Colossus somehow. GREAT game. Absolutely stunning