Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

it has taken me years to find this game once again. i had to hunt it down ironically. i searched absolutely everywhere for it but couldn't remember the name, i finally found it today and was able to finish the story that i couldnt when i was much younger. the environment totally encapsulated me and i found myself lost in the mystery of the world. great game

YES i got the good end it was all good in the end!!
but wait a part 2!?!?!

Loving it.

I played this game around 2007 or 2006, but on onemorelevel, i went looking for it, and here it is! I like the concept of this game, i went to your site, can`t wait for you guys to finish the 2nd! keep doing what your doing.

its not complete

it just didn't seem finished

it was

kinda boring until you get the flying mount, and face the boss. And that's when the real fun goes.
would make a pretty good handheld game too. :)