Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"


This was a pretty good animation, and it was unique. I think it was a good idea to have Newgrounds members show off their artwork, however, it could have had more to it. For example, the sound, multiple music options would have been good, and the optino to turn it off. Withput having muisc, the game gets kind of dull. However, what sound effects you had were pretty good. I thought that the buttons looked kind of cool, and the didfferent qualities 'artsy, etc.' were intresting. Good job!


o_o dude

a brilliant concept getting the newgrounders doing something other then vector animating for a change. I should really quit some of my worse gaming addictions and join these kinda things since the end results must be far more satisfying... roll on sketches 2007! *hopes he's not too lazy to do one himself this time*


how come michael swain wasn't in there? that sucks! oh well, very good, stampers made me lol... very great

It was ok.

As far as flashes go u did great!


So this was cool I like the idea here and a good concept and you won some major awards for this piece it really was deserving so good job on the awards and normally I offer some ideas for improvement but you really don't need any changes on this you have produced a beautiful game here so keep up the good work