Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

Fuck where was I!? New fave.

This was very original and interesting. Fuck somebody shoulda told me about it! If you do another, I want in. For sure.

Holy hell

I've been waiting to actually see this like i said in the original thread i hope this happens again

cool art

its good art but you should put it on an art site not this one this site is for games or movies but still it was good to see some art for a change
good work dude
from Canzo 3/5

Luis responds:

umm the whole point of this is that its showcasing newgrounds people.. it would make no sense putting ng related content on say... deviantart now would it?

Excellent Job By All

Wasn't expecting to see it actually in the PORTAL of all things... thought it'd get its own section in the Literature section or something...

Anyhow, bar the fact that the nav isn't searchable (very minor niggle there), it's all been put together well. Oh, and the content's nigh incredible (though my entry is still fairly poor in relation to some of the other work in there).

Next time I think we'll all have to pitch in for the costs of it... :)

Well it's safe to say...

Pretty much everyone in that book kicked my arse.
Wish I had some better materials at the time. :/