Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"


LOL...Gotta love Tom Fulp's drawing.

cool art

its good art but you should put it on an art site not this one this site is for games or movies but still it was good to see some art for a change
good work dude
from Canzo 3/5

Luis responds:

umm the whole point of this is that its showcasing newgrounds people.. it would make no sense putting ng related content on say... deviantart now would it?

Nice Job

man, nice job, i LOVED the artwork. especially the good ones... but the others, who think they can fraw, and, honestly, cant.. well, maybe they should think of something better to do. if you want, next time you wish to create another artwork scrapbook, i would like to contribute, if you would allow me to. Not fo be cocky or anything, but im a rather good drawer. ok, cya man. *thumbs up*

hmmm shame i wasn't invited

i loved it, but my only regret was that i was uninvited. if you ever do one could you look me up? uhh i guess thats it. "you roxored mah soxors" or some such nonsense.

Great Early Effort!

This is a fun flash version of what was a great NG Community project. Seeing as I can't actually hold the actual NG SKetchbook from 2006, this is a great way for me to see all of the artwork in it. It's fun for me to look at all of the different styles that were submitted and I love how it shows off who the people were and what they're like on Newgrounds.

This is a well put together flash showcase of a real world project. I love this and I'm glad that this wasn't just a one time deal.