Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

Those drawings kicked ass.

Sqeezy rocked, as ussual. So did the others, send me out some of those grocerybags next year.

(I have no speakers currently, so I'm not able to rate for sound.)

Holy hell

I've been waiting to actually see this like i said in the original thread i hope this happens again


I loved every pic but the artist that I enjoyed the most were Luis, Frank B., and Aloneinthedark. I also enjoyed Seth J. because of his Romeo and Juliet sketch, I just finished the book a few days ago. Overall a great effort by everyone.

A great idea

About time somebody did this, almost all the drawings were brilliant, even Tom Fulp's one at the end was O.K but i think he could have done much better, but then again he is a busy man. The picture by the dutch fella i think is the bes, the one with the view over alll those buildings. AMAZING

Superb idea

Excellently executed
Do this again soon!! (and count me in!)

On the flash side i must say the simple navigation worked without error. The layout was nice and good but could do with some music to keep it moving along. Maybe on the next tour you can get artists to pick a backing track to go with their art :)