Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

Great Artwork...

Like the person before some people can really draw and some cant, congratulations to the good reviews though... I wish i could draw just like some people... Well i can copy but thats not the point... The best piece that i liked was the landscape of buildings i think it was done by somebody in Holland... Keep up the great work *thumbsup*

i wanted to see this

I was thinking about signing up for this good thing I didnt because I would be put to shame. some of those drawing blew me away after seeing those drawing i wanted to grab a paper and draw something. maybe next year ill sign up and draw something good.

Nice work to everyone who contributed to this project


Wow. That's some great art.

Very Cool.

I never knew about this sketchbook project until now. It's great that you were able to share this with us. On to the review....
First if all, the menu was very good, I like how you made different categories like artsy, bbs mod, etc. and that you credited the people that drew the pictures.
Second of all, the variety of each picture was very good, and they were all unique in some way. Plus most of them were drawn very well.

Overall, this is one of the most unique projects on Newgrounds.
Thank you Stamper and Luis!

Great stuff! I love seeing collaborations between so many great artists. Even if it was just pictures, it was still awesome to look at. I admit I was a tad turned off by the sketchbook background. Still, it was a pretty original idea. Maybe my favorite was Dave's?

I loved the opening part. I thought the whole thing would be like that. I'm glad it was easier to look at. Shouldn't a yearly thing be done at the end of the year? Whatever, it was still awesome.