Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

It was ok.

As far as flashes go u did great!


That's an interesting idea. It's cool to see people's thought-processes in the concept stages of a flash. It's not a flash particularily, but I was entertained by it.


this is alright some of the pictures no offence where rubbish others were cool but apart from that i didnt really find this very interesting


...It was nothing how i thought it would be and i dont think that is a good thing

ok so, cool yeah

well i think it was kind of useless i mean c'mon what do you do with it??
and when i was reading the little message it said you can draw on it in the full version
true? or false?

Luis responds:

Ummm some people understood this project and some people didnt. In the end I decided to upload to the portal anyway because the full version isnt releasing until the ng revamp.