Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

It was great

I saw the thread and thought you were just going to take some pictures and have it fall in to the depths of NG
but the book is nice, I flipped through...was there even 62 pages?
alot of you shiuld collabarate
and no "luis" not on a time trial on a collabarative flash liner movie
that would be the shit



it was ok i guess, some of the scketches were pretty good while others were just like WTF? anyway it was good. not the best but still interesting to see

good idea

dont think ive seen many things like this on ng, was a good idea, nice interface, but there was a big lack of female artists...any reason?

great idea

Great idea you had here.
Everything from peoples hand drawn scribbles to pieces that looked like they took a nice amount of effort.
Different styles in there portraiting how age differences can be set aside to look at some cool illustrations. Some people in their teens drew some really interesting stuff, and some people in their 20's+ drew some great sketches.
Interactivity was a basic next button, but hey, it worked! hah

Overall, nice to see some people even thought outside the "box".


Nice -

You might be saying ... damn .... that is a pretty fine picture.

The whole thing is a great idea and a cool.... external colab. Way to be creative about new ideas. Music would add on, but the main point is that people did it and you put it together. Good work.