Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

Cool Project

The idea is really good, but the execution could be a little better. But hey, first time, after all.

Might I suggest putting links to the artist's NG profile on each page, because I found myself wanting to learn more about a few of them.
Keep it up!

wow this was really good

this was really enjoyable i love it, i also love tacos with muffins in them on top of dragons. yes. that about sums it up

great idea

Great idea you had here.
Everything from peoples hand drawn scribbles to pieces that looked like they took a nice amount of effort.
Different styles in there portraiting how age differences can be set aside to look at some cool illustrations. Some people in their teens drew some really interesting stuff, and some people in their 20's+ drew some great sketches.
Interactivity was a basic next button, but hey, it worked! hah

Overall, nice to see some people even thought outside the "box".


Too many people to credit :S

The reason I have given low marks for the violence and humor is not for the individual pieces of artwork, but for the actual layout which I feel is the flash aspect I am reviewing.

I would like to give special mentions to the following users:
Denvish: Most intricate drawing (DZY2566 was a close second)
AloneInTheDark: Best picture. That cityscape looks frankly awesome
Chulaid: Best product placement. Some artists have drawn their signature characters, but the fact you wrote your website address upside down as part of your pic made me smile.
Stamper: Most predictable. Man, you need a new gimmick, especially after that stunt you pulled on the 'NG Office rennovation seminar vid'
I-Mockery: Rant of the day. I thought the paper was of good enough quality.

But I digress, the layout probably could have used some music, though how can you possibly choose a tune for such a diverse collection of art. I'm looking forward to the tour '07

Nice -

You might be saying ... damn .... that is a pretty fine picture.

The whole thing is a great idea and a cool.... external colab. Way to be creative about new ideas. Music would add on, but the main point is that people did it and you put it together. Good work.