Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

Nice work, everyone!

Great job to all who participated! Nice presentation for the online version, too.

A couple of suggestions:

1. Music (as an option) would have been nice to have. But it's also nice to be able to listen to my own music while viewing it, so if you add music, please also add an "off" switch.

2. Once you click Rog's PSA pop-up on his page, you can't make it go away without leaving his screen. It'd be cool to have a close button so viewers could go back to the original. Little detail, though.

Otherwise, this was awesome. Great diversity of artwork and a great idea. 5/5.


i love the artwork but why have you called it a game because of a start button and a next and back buttons

The crossroads...

...where teenaged boys meet a growing art form, both of which are not necessarily exclusive--teenage boys have creativity too, it just strays towards boobs, videogames, and beer. And what ties all those together? NEWGROUNDS. Newgrounds, where one can express the inexpressable; where one can tap into the infinite and abiding idolization by the masses of NES characters; where one can laugh at the absurd, distasteful, and grotesque literally until dawn, through devious use of the "search' panel. Newgrounds is the stomping ground of everyone from junior high--highschool internet addicts to graphic arts undergraduates to professional artists, animators, and programmers. Part of the reason Newgrounds gets so many crappy submissions is that everyone wants a piece of the Flash pie--which is also what makes it great. There's no censorship; you are entirely at the mercy of your peers, not some mod. Anything goes. The same way ten years ago every teenaged boy wanted his own death metal band, today every kid wants to be able to live off of the proceeds from their computer-generated cartoons. You get animations ranging between arguing over pirates vs. ninjas to displaying the finer artistic points involved in animation, and some that do both. Some flashes suck, some are awesome, and everyone and anyone can express themselves totally, because what MAKES a flash awesome is almost totally random, and the only scale of greatness is how much soul someone put into it. Look at Numa Numa--it's critics call it a fat guy singing a crappy song into a low-quality webcam; most call it amazing. Why? Because you can't help but respect and laugh with a guy blatantly making fun of himself, his friends, and that song in joyful, random, childish abandonment. This sketchbook should be published and sold on the site; I know I'd buy it, if only to chronicle what I can't help but think of as an ephemeral phenomena that is one of the cornerstones of internet culture in its most developmental, impressionable stages. But who knows; maybe Newgrounds will turn out like Google; a reviled and simultaneously worshipped monopoly of flash animations and games that makes or breaks artists based on how many 'front-pages' they have. Sorry I'm a little wordy tonight. To cut to the chase--this book is awesome, though the image quality could be better, and it makes me happy to see so many classic NG animators making an effort to create a more traditional art project, in a more flexible media.

i loved this book

WAT A GENIUS PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so awesome flipping through all the pages of the book n seeing all the pictures drawn by the best of the best of artists!!!!!!!!! n thinking it was actually them who had handdrawn the pictures. nice work guys


I liked "Wide Awake And Dreaming" the most it is absolutely amazing!!