Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

Fuck where was I!? New fave.

This was very original and interesting. Fuck somebody shoulda told me about it! If you do another, I want in. For sure.

Awsome. Very Good.

Some of the art was amazing. Some of my favourites were -zoy-'s, stampers(XD), Denvishes, Fuzzez, and, well al of them.
Mabye add some music, but that is it really :)
Btw, i like stampers info icon. Go penicorns! XD.

Luis responds:

I decided not to use music after some thought. Mainly because with so much diversity in the book it would be impossible to find a track to really give the whole package justice.


Great stuff, couldn't face looking through it all, but I liked what I saw!

Amazing artists.

Good work!

Ace job on this guys, it's great to see all the pieces assembled together =)

Looking back on my pic I wish I would have added some kind of texturing/shading but oh well. Glad to be a part of it!


Sketchy,abstract,random,creative art FTW! Good job on this guys! Krinkel's page was ALMOST my favorite next to a few others, but
the guy who did the sketch of the kids all chained together caught
my eye the most outta the bunch... i dunno, it just had deep meaning,
and i like that.