Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"

Stop it..

I really hope you don't make a part 2, until you learn lipsync and timing..if you're really young or new at this, you did great.

Its okay

There was a missing audio track in the flash and the voices were slightly inconsistent with the mouths. Its not too bad of a job so unlike the last guy you get a 6, OK?

It coul've been bettter...

Just beause Family Guy is my favorite show, I'll give a 4 for the effort...

It's a start

Not bad but not great. The pauses in dialogue were too long, not as snappy as it would be on the show. Coming up with totally abstract gags the way the Family Guy writers do isn't easy, so I respect you for trying...but more work is needed.


Fuckin' A, man!

This is pretty fuckin' close to the real family guy, but stewie wetting the bed was kinda forced. Other than that, it was pretty dope.