Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"

Not bad.

You didn't do to badly on this. Try adding some music.

srry man

i like the idea but it needs a lot of work, u got the gigst of peter's voice so it was meh

but personally

i can do the voices of Peter, Quagmire, Stewie, Mort Goldman, The Greased Up Deaf Guy, Chris, & The Old Perverted Guy that likes Chris perfectly lol (yea i kno its a lot n om bein honest here lol)

so if u need help wit the voices feel free 2 get at me


This is the most offensive spectacle I've ever been witness to. I sincerely hope you get ball cancer. For our sakes, please stop voice acting, drawing, and most of all please stop writing any jokes. Christ, this is so far from anything that could be considered funny that it borders on torture. How the fuck could you even think having Peter open a door and then yellow goes everywhere could be funny? There are some things that are so bad they become hilarious, and this is far from it. Do the future a favor and castrate yourself.

srry but...

this was not what i was expecting to see. For starters, it was too short. The voices sucked, didnt even sound like the real characters, & the animation was crap. U said that u updated it to make it better, but the update made me give this score. Try to do better in the future ;)

This is a Piece of Crap!

This can not compare to Family Guy.This is simple cheap imitation!