Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"


dont ever degrade Family Guy like that. Ever

good enough..

i think it's wrthy of newgrounds. the anamation was surprisingly good.

Not bad

I can tell you put alot of effort into this, the voices would've been better had they been a little deeper in tone. Also add a preloader to part 2.

No preloader?

Where's the preloader dude?

I'm on dial up, so no kudos for you there.

Family Guy is an awesome show, so is American Dad.

It was kind of funny.

But having no preloader is not a funny business.

You can get killed you know?

I'll tell you a story about a guy who didnt put on a preloader.

Guy 1: Where's the preloader dude?

Flash artist: Your mum!

Guy 1: What did you say?

Flash artist: you suck!

(Guy 1 grabs the flash artist's neck with his fat hand and eats the dude's neck)

Do you want that to happen to you?

Next time, put a preloader.



But at parts it didn't flow, that is, it paused for a few seconds before going to the next part. Other than that, I thought it was well done.