Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"

Whats with you?

Honestly, what is wrong with you, you disgraced a good show!!!
Bad use of Home Alone, that can usally be ripped off with out me doing anything, but this is just plain disgraceful


what did family guy ever do to you, it makes my soul sad having to watch that


Uhm...Good try, I guess. The ideas were a bit boring, but the graphic were decent. Nice try.

you suck. you deserve do die a slow n painful deth

never ever do that again or attempt do. do not damage family guys awesomness


Sorry man but that was really bad.
Seriously, dont take offence to this but that almost degraded family guy.
and you should you make your own series.
Everyone saw that you do have talent man.

Dont stop practicing and dont give up.
Props for trying.