Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"

this is nothing like family guy

1]family guy is funny
2]family guy sounds better
3]family guy looks better
4]family guy is good
5]family guy is better than this crap
6]people that make family guy have a life

Very Funny

Otherwise from improving people (well nobody's Seth McFarlene) this was great.The flashbacks were hilarious! This could get it's own whole
series!I'm gonna vote 5! ;)

ok better then poilt

ok better but i mean brain's voice needs alot of work does not sound like him at all needs to be a little longer and all voice are hard to understand and sometimes louder then they sould be but gave me a laugh good work keep it up


Ah Family Guy, a show loved by millions. As perhaps one of your first attempts at proper flash, this is a good little parody and an okay start. I'll judge each aspect of the movie:

Graphics : 6 : Backgrounds are a little shoddy yet resemble a fair bit to the original and Brian and Peter are actually quite well drawn! Other characters looked alright too.

Style : 1 : Family Guy parodies are quite a frequent thing now. They may not be presented in an in-your-face attitude like this, but fair few flash authors can sometimes "borrow" a lot of it's humor and manipulate it to suit their own intentions. This parody is alright, and you have the whole flashback idea of it pretty nicely. The major downfall is that it's all too slow. In the proper show, there are no long gaps before each flashback, and you dont have to wait a good 2 seconds for something good to happen. You could've pulled it off a lot better, but this is an easy aspect to work on in the future. Also, cutting it off abruptly and saying "To Be Continued" is a terrible way to finish off the movie :(

Sound : 2 : No background music, which would have been nice, and the character voices were sometimes quite hard to make out. Trying upping the quality on your output or get a better mic ;)

Violence : 4 : The Home Alone guy (I forget his name now) gets his legs chopped off. Not very graphic though surprisingly, but no big deal!

Interactivity : 1 : A Play Button

Humor : 3 : You've got the idea of Family guy Humor style in this. But the other factors such as the sound being quite muffled and the whole "2-second-gap-before-something-happens" idea really kills the experience. I gave a chuckle when Peter was just randomly flying around and the world was upside down, but the other bits were poorly executed.

Overall, your artwork shows you have potential. Perhaps work on a little storyboard before hand and put some planning into it, incorporate some music and sound effects and ensure the voices are clear (or add subtitles). Keep it up, for you have potential :)

No no no no bloody no...

Okay, the only positive thing I can say to this is Peter's voice was okay. The rest sucked balls. Way too slow to be Family Guy comedy.