Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"

It made me laugh...

I haven't given a review in a long time but I think this deserves one because although the animation wasn't great, and the voices didn't really capture the characters, it was still pretty good. I could definately see those kind of flashback moments on the real Family Guy. I really hope this doesn't get blammed.

dry humor

thats the only type of humor that this gives....still funny tho 2/5

its pretty good

the voices are a litle different but the images and the way he talks is fukin perfet lmao hehehehehehe

Pretty neat.

Hey, for a fan, you did a good job. The drawings were pretty good, and so were the voices. The only thing I can think of is that the next one should be longer, more plot, and the voices seemed a little out of sync. Overall, nice job.

So funny, and sweet!

So random, and does remind family guy alot. Good animation.

The only thing I would recommend is that dont put " End part 1" So quickly at the end of your flash. I did give you a 4/5. You may need to show your credits part and what not.

With the audio. You may need to fix one or too things. Ever heard of audacity? it is free. and it helps out with audio editing and what not. It is really easy to use.
Still, I really enjoyed your flash.

Hopefully my advice has helped out.

If you need any more advice contact me.