Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"

Funny But Animation Sucks

The Animation Is Terrible, And One Of The Audio Clips Cut Out, Also The Lip-Sync Was Terrible. Otherwise, Funny!


needs an actual plot and also needs to be longer. five minutes would be alot better. overall very original and funny


umm... well... thanks for coming out, but Family Guy is an awesome and very humerous, and smartly written show. If you want to copy it it has to be better than that otherwise people will think it's lame. The problem here is that Family Guy has set the bar very high, and apparently you were not up to the challenge of reaching that level. For this movie to be successful you need to improve the art, the sound, and the jokes (not to mention some finer details like it's overall flow).

Stewie says: "You SUCK!"

Family Guy Kicks ass and you Kiss it! what the hell's the matter with you? Your voices arn't even in sync! And what's with the unneeded pause between lines? You call yourself a fan?!?! Go fuck yourself with a chia pet! I'm through!!!


today i got this family guy movie or something on dvd, its called stewie griffen: the untold story, i aint watched it yet, but i know what to expect, it wasnt that!!!!!