Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"

It was pretty good.

I'm glad that your a fan of my show, it looks like you worked quite hard on this. The graphics were pretty good, but it was kind of slow, the sound quality was descent but not really good. I must say you did a good job on petes voice! Hah, well, until the next time.

-Seth Macfarlane


You could improve the graphics and Brian's voice doesn't sound that good also too long pauses otherwise it's pretty good.Also Jerryjackson doesn't even know how to type right...Kinda retarded...He was a guy who reviewed this.


I gave this a ten cuz I give it the benefit of doubt that it's MAKING FUN of Family Guy's constant ridiculous flashbacks, I only was got the chance to watch this flash due to JERRY JACKSON'S only review so I thought it was some of his awesome werkz, but it is so clearly knot. uuummm...I'm so damn tired of hearing people talk about the what happened in the last FAMILY GUY episode, EVERYDAY. It's funny sometimes, granted, I even enjoy it, but its's become like when the first Ace Ventura came out and everyone was sayin' AHHHLLRIGHTTY THHEENN!....frickin obnoxious, quit!


This was a very intresting video i liked how it kept the same style as the show and th voice work was pretty good
i thought it was great

Oh my god jerry jackson thought this was funnie?

Well he was right! I think u worked really hard on this. THe peter voice was almost like the real peters and the upside down house part was my fav part. Nice Flash, 5/5