Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"

bum-clenchingly bad

That was embarrassing. Jokes/voice acting/timing/animation - very very poor. I hope you were taking the piss with this, I really do.
You know it's bad when Jerry Jackson thinks it's brilliant :D

you did a great job!

Wow you did a great job of making POOP LOOK GOOD!!!


this one was still slow paced...to many pauses they do it on the show but not to that extent... but a lil better then last time (^^)


damn dude, it's like the family guy animators made an episode and uploaded it here. only there was no music and it was a bit slower...

yep, it had the same style, nearly the same voices, and the same humor (meaning it was humorless, which is why i had to give this flash a 0.) I'm glad someone else thinks the same way I do about this shit: i was beginning to think all creative humor was going to disappear from the planet...

bless you man.

Way too slow

You need theme music, less pausing, longer episodes (5 mins) and more jokes. You could improve the voices and lip syncing too. Don't copy family guy too much because you will only look pathetic compared to the real thing.

Please make another episode but listen to your reviews this time.