Reviews for "Family guy fan ep. part.1"

Not real good

the voices were ok, and the animation was ok. but i see alot you can improve on. but the jokes wernt real good. good try

LOL funny

good job. yea ill watch the next one

well then...

I dont really like family guy because all they do now is really retarded jokes like that Peanut butter jelly time shit and some really stupid shit they do now.

well then i guess this was a .. ok flash because it had little graphics of a popular show well next time try harder in graphics on the characters instead of like paintbrush or what ever you did.... and plus all that really did move was there mouths and some eye movements....

well good job on this hope you try abit harder on the next episode

-Justin :)

I wonder...

This was an intersting submission. The lip-sync was well done. The graphics in general were borderline and the jokes were weakly funny. The imitattions of the voices was okay.

Overall, it was like watching a poorly-done not-very-funny episode of Family Guy. I wonder why anyone would want to do this when Family Guy already exists.

I wonder how soon before your are sued for copyright infringement.

You have some decent talent. Why not just make something original. It would be a lot better!

not bad

you did great animating the lips
just.....the lipsyncing is a little off
ya know
just a little bit
other than that i thought it was preety good