Reviews for "More And More"


This is very very nice i like it!!!
keep making trance...

finially a trance song on the front page

ive been waiting for a trance song on the front page, for some reason its all video game and ambient so thanks for letting my ears bathe in glory :D

AndreaDigita responds:

No problem haha ^.~


before joining newgrounds i didnt like techno or trance but songs like this have made me change my mind ps great voice

I'd rock to this

You can always determine what is good music:

Would you rock out to it whilst driving down a crowded metro road, windows rolled down so that people can hear it as well?

Will you sing along with it?

Do you press the Back button to listen to the song again?...And again? And perhaps just once more to bother the other people in your car?

Good. Then it is good music. And I would do all of these while listening to this.

AndreaDigita responds:

COoLio! :P


Truly amazing! I can see why it is in the best of the week. More Please.....