Reviews for "More And More"


i think the vocals could have some better effects and balanced more with the song. :/ Its still a pretty good song, but it could have been better ;) The song part of it sounds really nice. and balanced.

maybe its my opinion with the vocals... thats just what i thought of it. some of the effects were good, some werent as good. the vocals themself stood out from the song too much imo. Eq.

Words can't describe...

What you have created is just amazing. It's so emotional to me. It makes me want to cry with joy. You have done a superb job with this. This song would probably have to be the most tear inducing song I have ever heard.

You've done a great job. Please don't stop making music.

AndreaDigita responds:

Im so glad you enjoyed our song so much ^^

Thank you very much <3


DJ Hixxy just used the vocals first. The vocals are from a sample CD, the vocalist is the unmistakable voice of Katie Leising. Credit goes to her if anything.
I didnt really like the effect on the vocals, other than that it was cool.

AndreaDigita responds:

lol I should have read this one b4, tnx I know that now ^^

Credit to the original author has already been given btw ;D


The time before I found Newgrounds, I didn't like Trance and Techno (I only knew those played on the radio - brrrr), but this has now changed. Your song got straight to my MP3 player. Thank you!

AndreaDigita responds:

Thats a good thing, trance and all sorts of electronic music are AWESOME! :D

Ty 4 da comment!


Probably best Trance tune I heard on Newgrounds yet.

AndreaDigita responds: