Reviews for "More And More"

^^n ="D



Work crafted by the hands of gods.

Very Nice Collaboration

This is a beautiful song, very melodic and very much trance. To me this song speaks to the genre so well, and it really is just relaxing to listen to, but its also a trance. The piano in this song sounds familliar to another song I know, but I can't think of it off the top of my head. I am giving a nine because I give nines when I can feel something needs to be improved (even just a little) but I can't tell what. The kind of improvement that just comes with creating more music, you know?


This very good!:) Some few tips: If you'd hade a bit stronger bass, not much just a bit and get just a little more click on it, it would sound much better. This is just what i mean, I may be wrong about it:P Anyways, this is one of the top's on newgrounds!:D Really keep up the great work!D 5/5 9/10 :) Btw. loved the piano:)
very well done!:D


Amazing Andrea

Amazing absolutly amazing. I love the beats and i have to agree the voice matches the song perfectly. Its great to hear your music again.
Keep on going
-Goldentank50(a.k.a BBMC) i just cant stop listining to this.