Reviews for "More And More"

This is GOOD!

I can hear that youve putted a lots of effort in this one.

All the parts are good.
I mean at 1:55-2:30 for an example... ...wow!

Keep up the good work;D


YES! THIS IS IT!!! The end of the world has arrived, save yourself by listening >:O

Awesome trance, man. Gratz on a well-deserved top 5 ranking. ^_~

I want more and more!

This is some pretty nice exercising music! me hungy for moar and moar!!!

You should make more and more.

Wish I could make music this good...
This song wipes the floor with mine.
C ya!


Very nice !

Kate lessing vocal is very good practis for vocal trance/dance producing.
Piano is very nice work i really like that.. It feels abit more Euro dance of it.

Arp synth is very nice good melody.
idont really like that Vocal fx work but its personal taste.
ITs really good work both of you.

and congrats to top 5 /TN

AndreaDigita responds:

Thanks a lot TerraNation ^^