Reviews for "More And More"


This is awesome. Good job to you both on making this. I'm gonna try to be an animator in the future. If I become an animator, may I have your permission to use this song?


this is a great song. glow stick dancing and this song went really well.

Very stylistic

It is great to hear somebody sing an original song on this website. Apart from having a great beat, I really have to appreciate it for having a style so unique I can not even understand what it is supposed to be. It has been used for battle stuff, but also seems to work for a more mundane love story. It gives off a tone of ambition and wonder. I especially like the use of the piano (it will never stop bringing back memories, I swear!). As it is long for a submission, it never lets down.


This has been in my favs for a long time now and I keep listening to it. I love this song I could listen to it over and over. Keep up the great work. One of the best artist I have ever seen on newgrounds.