Reviews for "More And More"

love the vocals!

not the most moving vocals but its a 9/10 for vocals. for the trance song itself, i give it an 8, and for the transitions /intro/outro i give it a 7 cuz its kinda simple transitions and nothing too elaborate or creative on the intro/outro/effects side of things.-- you did a really good job and think you should keep up the work!


AndreaDigita responds:

Haha, this is pretty weird, ppl are either loving or completely hating the vocals, dunno why :P

Thanks for the comment ^^


Loved the song part, somethign about vocals didn't sit just right with me :), but very good rated 5 stars


This is a very special song. : ) I especially like the vocals

Ok nice work

Not bad, I like it very much.

The vocals, eh not so much. Keep up the work.


the vocals are too repetitive. the music in it is all right theres no problems there.

your both great artists its just the vocals for me.

i think that the vocals just need work because when she says "more" and when she says "floor" theres a kind of offputting accent in the voice. its something i doubt u can change but thats just what i hear.