Reviews for "More And More"

Not bad

I don't think it's that bad really o.o. Some spots are good and some... well... arn't so good. The slicing got annoying from time to time but it wasn't hated.. Congratulations on the top though.

6/10 3/5

AndreaDigita responds:

LOL I know, I did the vocal slicing in real time... I'm not very good a it ^^*

But Im getting better ^.~


Good song. It's a bit repitative though. You did a pretty good job on the gated pads, and i like the piano part alot and the main lead is not bad. The vocals are really annoying, you should try remove them and replace them with some alternativ synth or so.

Overall: Cool song

This is my favorite song.

You have so much talent and the vocals just made it sound so interesting. Some people might say its repetative, but I think if you didn't sing enough, people would be complaining about the lack of vocals. You did an outstanding job on this and you deserved to be on the front page of audio. I love this song. 10/10 5/5!

hehe nc

nice beat, ic uve been playing wi the vocals a bit w. the chopping and all, not a bad touch, could use a bit mastering but overall it was great!
nc collab guys! grats on the top 5~!

AndreaDigita responds:

Hey! ^^

Tyvm for the kind comment, there is actually a Mastered version of this song, but it was just too heavy to be put on newgrounds :P


great, REAL great

It just needs more lyrics besides those repeated ones.