Reviews for "More And More"


this is probably the best "SONG" on newgrounds its not just a beat like half the other "songs" out there... its amazing why isn't this a 5 yet?!


Even got my newborn nephew smling!

More And More

The song was really amazing I could tell you spent a lot of time making it or you are really good at this. You definitely had the same type of beat the whole time but it didn't get repetitive which is a HUGE thing for me. Though the lyrics kind of got old the voice was beautiful so it didn't matter. The only reason I gave you a 9/10 was because of the lyrics work on that good job keep making music.


JinTheBlue was rude not to ask you why the credit wasnt givin to the artist before just assuming, I think this was amazing and I have never heard the original :'D

AndreaDigita responds:

Haha don't worry about it ^^ It happens :P

Thanks for the nice comment ^.~



I love how you gave absolutely no credit to DJ Hixxy for the source. DJ Hixxy's songs are great on their own, but if you wanted to remix it, the LEAST you could do is give credit for it.

AndreaDigita responds:

Thank you!!! I finally know who made the original song!

LOL I had absolutely no idea of who made the original, there are just so many versions of this song and I was afraid to be mistaken.

But anyway, tyvm for telling me (a lil bit rude, but tnx XD).