Reviews for "More And More"

It's Awesome!

Only problem is you didn't sync the vocals correctly.

"I feel the" should start after the bassline not when the bassline starts

Other than that good job!

5/5 8/10


i really liked the vocals, but they were chopped up too much. other than that, this is one of my favorite songs. i really liked the energy and sound around 2:17 even though it doesn't exactly fit into the trance genre. it's more like dance in some parts and more like techno in others.
Great song!


Love the female vocals, and nice beats.

bump bump

very euro style next time find a girl with a nice french accent for the voice and you're sure to be played in clubs


I was looking forward to hearing the finished piece ^_^

Now, sadly, I have to agree with some of what is being said about the vocals. There are parts of the song where they become far too scratchy or synthesized for the general flow and sound of the song itself. And, I realize this is kind of nitpicking, but this sounds more like a Dance or Techno song than Trance, since Trance usually has a major hypnotic quality to it, which this song did not.

Still, overall it was alota fun to listen to and well rendered between the two of you ^_^ Congrats on your place in the weekly top five! =D

AndreaDigita responds:

Thanks a lot ^^

I'm still not very good at working with vocals, but Im getting better ^.~