Reviews for "More And More"


WHOA nice work bro. ;)


Jaw dropping! :P

PS: Favorite adding you. ;)


I really dig your Music, will love to heard more of you making more songs like this one!

Wow hm

I was wondering when you were gonna make a new song and i just heard this on the main audio page. i was like "wow i like this" then i saw it was yours and thought " oh thats why haha." haha but yeah i like this song alot,..voting 5 :) cant wait til the next one

koolies :)

I really like this song and you can see that you have put alot of effort into this song. No offence but the lyrics ruin it. If you got different lyrics I (and I'm sure every body else) would love the song. But I'm ignoring the horible sounding girl, thinking that she sounds pretty good and getting iddicted to your song. :)

Good work. I would love all your songs even more if you put this much effort into every one :)


P.S just to tell you, GIRL HI FIVE! Yay!