Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"


loads of bugs, stuck in walls, floors...at one point I fell into space I think....and it just kept repeating the backround. Also using buttons like > for the wall jump as well as x and the d-pad....kinda hard considering. looks nice though, but too many bugs too be able to sit and consentrate on it. Fix the bugs and Im sure you'll hit the front page.

nothing too new or interesting.

I got stuck in a wall so I quit playing, forever.

It was pretty good, but too many people make movies and games from Mario, Metroid, Mega Man and Sonic, I'm dyin' to see a movie with original characters.

Fix it

Good game but need 2 fix da bugs and wall jumps are preety hard 2 do

Its a good start.

Fix the bugs and you'll have a winner on your hands.

sorry but...

i don't think i'm wrong but.. there are bugs everywere in the gameplay, i retried 5 times before sucess in walking through 3 doors without "crash".. it can truly be good, but please fix all the problems. i know how hard it is but do one thing, do it great ! good luck ^^

speile responds:

well, i cant fix bugs without knowing what they are... please put what the bug was so i CAN try and fix, it.