Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"

A Few Suggestions...

First of all, the movement is far too unresponsive, so that needs immediate attention, and the boss needs to have his health bar fixed. You might want to think about putting in different difficulty settings too, because I needed to try several times (mostly due to poor control response) before I could even damage him before dying. It makes no sense to have it be such a difficult fight, any true game designer knows that not everyone is at the same skill level and most people will get frustrated if they can't get more than a few minutes into a level. And every Flash artist knows that Newgrounds reviewers tend to be pretty unforgiving of games when they're frustrated. Overall it shows some serious skill or devotion (or both), but my vote stands at a 2 for this entry.

Nice game, but still needs even more work

Nice game. I can see you've had a lot of work making this one. However, I think it needs even more work.

Let's start with the graphics. They were alright, Samus looked very good and the monsters looked good as well. The rest was drawn quite decent, but there's still room for some improvement. The special effect could be a bit better (talking about the lasers , explosions and beams and such). Also, the background just looked a bit ugly somehow.

On to the controls. Well I would prefer using "A" to jump instead of "X". Or change the "S" for the shooting into "C". As they were now, they were a bit annoying. I was also thinking, maybe you could add a few more weapons like they have in Metroid Prime. Missiles would be a good idea I think, and maybe you could add Morphball mode. You could add more puzzels then, that you have to solve in Morphball mode (I'm not sure if I could get those two things later since I couldn't beat the first boss)

And last, some programming stuff. Sometimes I jumped through walls, fell through floors, got stuck and kept on floating for a while. You really need to fix all this stuff, cause you could get pretty irritated by it. Another thing that was wrong, in training mode, I wasn't able to reach the second platform by double jumping. Maybe I was doing something wrong, but I just couldn't get on it. The monsters were also very hard to beat and like I said above, I couldn't beat the first boss. I shot him many times, but he didn't lost any of his health and I died after a while. Maybe you should make it a bit easier.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. I have to say, it's too bad that you worked so long in it and that it's still not even close to perfect. Try to fix all the stuff I mentioned above and I hope it'll be much better then. The score it currently has is still very good though, so I can imagine you are satisfied with it. Anyway, the best thing it this were the sounds and music. I really liked those and they suited the game well. Keep up the good work.

very good

not funny like most of them are but it is fun


I Really Like this game cuz its metroid but umm you know the starting Monster was a bit too hard to kill i meant i you start in metroid prime 2 the monsters there only needed 1-7 shots
and isnt samus suppose to have a suit?
well even if it did have mutiple health you should at lease show that hes weaking and the Lazers from the monsters are WAYYY
to hard to dogde

woulda been a 10

This woulda been a ten or a "5" if the controls were a bit better and there was more explanation on what to do in the first mission..I lost interest..but great potential none the less. Fix the controls and make Samus move a bit more fluid and you got your self a winner.