Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"

its good

the controls are off but its good


Graphics 10/10 Really nice graphics. Although the explsions were a little "fuzzy"?
Style 9/10 Great at this too! It catches the metroid spirit!
Sound 5/10 Great but gets reapiting after awhile.
Violence 3/10 It wasn't really violence.... Just some shooting...;P
Interactivity 9/10 Would be perfect if you made the control a little better.
Humor 1/10 Not to call a "humor game", more of an action...
Overall 8/10 Great, but things to be fixed: Maybe some more music, gets reapiting. Bugfixing, in survival mode in the arena i flew over the roof... :S Get the explosion a little better(When they die for an exempel). Except that i think there should be a powersuit mode;P Although it's fun to run without it too, but it feels a little empty without it.:( Maybe you should make an upcommer? That would be nice!

good but...

a few bugs in the game like when i jump i fall through to floor and the controlls are a bit wierd

Great Game!

But could you post a walkthrough in the forums? I'm kinda stuck.

Very nice work here

Pretty good work, however, there are a few minor annoyances here and there. Theres the wall bug, which only happened once to me. Another is in battle mode, theres almost no way to avoid the lasers short of going into ball mode and hiding in a corner. Also, its a little too easy to die, but that's part of the difficulty of the game I suppose. All in all, great work here.

speile responds:

ok, maybe i should have mentioned, shooting the lasers, or bombing them, temporaly disables them