Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"

bug and intro

to fix:

in the training part sometimes you can't walk back and you get stuck..
and the intro's are too long..put a skip button..
the rest..When the intro is over I'll tell U..

Not bad at all.

The first time I played, I couldn't turn around, and got stuck on a wall. So I tried again, and was pleased with the platforming and controls.

Great job on the graphics, too.

very good

But thats not how it began...if its your own story, then alrite but its definately not the way anything happened.

speile responds:

well yeah, i didnt want to use nintendo's story, thats plagerism, same as why i didnt use sprites

I see alot of work went into this

Very good game I see you worked real hard on it. Although the running animation looks a little fake so try working on that. Thats about it though good job.

Great game

Okay...that game was awesome but you should fix a lot of bugs. You can go throught the walls and fall. And some other bugs too. Try to fix them! Otherwise, a good job!