Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"

I'm sorry, but this game is less complete then Sonic '06. You cannot even get pass the very first level, therefore I don't think this really counts as a game at all. I don't see how you found this submission worthy, because what I see is an incomplete game.

Still fell through the floor in training mode. "Mission" spelled "Mision" in mission statement. Still was able to walljump myself out of the Beam lvl 2 room. Walljump works when it wants to. Not able to aim up or down while running. Fell out of beam lvl 2 room and stopped playing there.

This game is pretty horrid. Wouldn't be so bad if the bugs were ironed out, but as it is, it's completely unplayable.

This game is so bad I can't even rate it....

This game is terrible, it has glitches and bugs that are completely game breaking. All of the enemies are annoying to fight and neerly impossible to hit due to how small Samus's only attack is. Most of the bosses are just tedious to fight. Nothing about this game is fun or decent in any way. Lol but stil good job it wuz fun oter than that 5/5. XD

Wow, if i'm reading these reviews right Newgrounds has almost no standards when it comes to games. How can you say the game is buggy as hell and still say it's great. Do you think bugs are something that can't be fixed or something? Its shitty programming, you can get better at it. This is a horrible game with some incredibly flawed bugs.