Reviews for "Metroid; Beginings"


how do you beat the boss you cant even damage it

It's okay

But here is some bugs I noticed one when some enemys with beam attacks hit me I some times get sent through the walls and two when I was fighting the clone Samus she disapered and nothing happened I didnt go to the next part or any thing.

Has great potential

I like the story line and the idea and can see great potential for this, but I had a very hard time with the controls. Trying to jump against the walls was nearly impossible for me, and it seemed like I needed to be able to go this almost right at the start of the game. I gave up after trying to get the 'jump off the wall move' to work after 10 or so tries. One note on the intro its "My class mates and I" not "I and my classmates" Good luck!

it could be good but

It has too many bugs i fell through the floor in the training level. This next complaint isnt your fault but i couldnt find out what to do on the first part.

An incomplete game

I noticed you said you fixed the falling through the floor bug, when really I tried playing the training level twice and feel through the floor always after I hit the door switch. I had no intention on trying again. I like the idea of this and you obviously put quite a bit of work into this. The movement of the character was a bit stiff and uneasy to get used to. I thought the interactions were well done, like double jumping then jumping off of a wall, and on top of that you can still change into the ball! Awesome. Unfortunately I have no motivation to play the actual game if I'm gonna get half way through and fall through the floor. Only real suggestions I have for you are fix the damn bugs hardcore, and update the animation. Good job though.